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Luxing Beverage Company Ltd£¬founded  in 1989, is located in Changjiao Industrial District£¬Beijiao Town, Shunde Zone, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. As a      professional producer of purified water, mineral water, distilled water and spring   water, Luxing is now holding 5 drinking water brands: ¡°Luxing¡±¡°Bi Guiyuan¡± ¡°Beyond Good¡±¡°Green Peony ¡±¡°Yue Xing¡±
     All Luxing¡¯s products are highly quality assured. Since the establishment of Luxing, we have achieved numerous quality honors in Guangdong Province: Quality       product Prize, First Rank of Quality Evaluation, Gold Medal for New Foodstuff;    Famous Brand Product in Food Industry; Trustable Enterprise of Bottled Water    Association.
There are currently 3 factories with 5 production lines of bottled water and 3 of   barreled water in Guangdong Province. The capacity is1,200,000 bottles/day for    bottled water and 50,000 barrels/day for barreled water. To match the production,  Luxing has also set up one injection and 3 bottle blowing factories equipped with10PET injection machines, 5 automatic PET bottle blowing machines and 1 five-gallon-barrel PC injection blowing machine. Secondary pollution can be avoided by      keeping packing and producing in the same region.  
Luxing¡¯s management objective is to provide everyone with healthy and safe      beverage. Great efforts have been consistently made to develop healthy package  and beverage besides ¡°Luxing¡± drinking water. One example illustrating such     efforts is the successfully developed disposable plastic barrel for drinking water.    which was awarded with a series of international and national patents, like ProductDesign Patent and Practical New Patten Patent.
The latest invention with national and international patents this year is the ¡°multi-  fold disposable and burglarproof barrel¡±. It is set five-fold disposable and           burglarproof. Such name is given for its appearance, structure and function will be changed after being used. Any damage or removing of the five marks indicates   the barrel has been used and is not suitable for a second use. The barrel is madeof food-grade plastics to ensure safety, and sanitation. Recycling, transportation,   disinfection and cleaning can be thoroughly solved by the design. During circulation, it is impossible to add anything else into the barrel which can cause secondary  pollution.
The patent can avoid any illegal fake commodities and protect consumers¡¯   interest.
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